Welcome to your Grade 1 Monster Reader

Who planted the turnip seed in the garden? (Page 1 - 3)
What did the old woman make with the turnip? (Page 10 - 11)
When the three people failed to pull the turnip out, who was called for help? (Page 5 - 8)
Who was standing between the old man and the boy when the turnip was pulled? (Page 6 - 7)
What was the boy doing, when he was called for help? (Page 4 - 6)
The word enormous means __________.
The old man wanted to have the turnip along with  __________. (Page 1 - 2)
The old woman was __________ when the old man called her for help. (Page 3 - 4)
The dog that helped pull the turnip out of the soil was the __________ pet. (Page 5 - 8)
The old man and the woman were able to pull the turnip from the soil.
The old woman used the full turnip for making the soup. (Page 11 - 12)