Welcome to your 2nd std monster reader

An _____ should be able to jump from high places and swing from ropes. (Page 1 – 2)
Abby was a hopeless painter as she could _____ only one type of fruit. (Page 2 – 3)
Abirami’s favourite pet is the animal that says meow. (Page 2 – 3)
Which of the following people are likely to have a stethoscope around their neck?
If you wish to learn about stars and planets what should you become?
Why does not the alligator want to become an astronaut? (Page 4 – 5)
A good actor must act well and _____. (Page 5 – 6)
Where did Abirami get the idea of becoming an author? (Page 5 – 6)
What makes Abby rich and famous? (Page 6 – 7)