A memoir of all the activities, celebrations and events that have taken place in the school over the years. A timeline travelogue…

Cool Timeline

Adi Yogi at Salem

Shivarathri Celebrations


Shivarathri at Salem Adi Yogi rath had graced the school prior to Shivaratri. Children, in colorful, traditional attire, offered fruits, dedicated dances and their pranams to an intangible yet profound and solemn presence.

Navarathri Vidhya Peetham

Navarathri 2019


Toddlers to teenagers gave their all for Navrathri celebration, with emotions ranging from rapturous involvement to total abandon when they swayed and danced in front of the Divine Mother whose presence though imperceptible was palpable! Children, as has been the tradition over the years, were involved in assisting their teachers…Read More

Ganesh Chaturthi 1

Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi was yet another occasion that was marked by vivid colours, gaiety and fervour. The festival provided one more platform for children to sing, dance, play instrumental music, tell stories and celebrate the god who is perhaps closest to a child's heart while standing for the most profound of…Read More

Investigating Transpiration 2

Investigating Transpiration


3rd graders learnt about transpiration and did an activity to find out more...

Living & Non-Living Things 3

Living & Non-Living Things


4th graders classified things into living and non-living and subsequently...

Simba The Lion King 4

Simba The Lion King


This Saviskara Saturday was for paying obeisance to the king of the jungle on the silver screen.

Wealth Out Of Waste 5

Wealth Out Of Waste


Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy during the activity, "Best Out of Waste".

Checking out oil pollution 6

Checking out oil pollution


2nd grade children learnt about how oil spills pollute and affect the life of birds and animals as a part of their science lesson Living Things in their Environment. To relate to

Shape Finders of LKG 7

Shape Finders of LKG


L.K.G. children learning about shapes. A colourful ambiance adds pep to an all time favorite activity for kindergarten children.

Karate Champions 8

Karate Champions


2nd State level inter school Karate Championship 2019. Our children, from grade 2 to 4 and grade 5 to 7 took part and won over all championship.

Independence Day 9

Independence Day


Vidhya Peetham celebrates our Nation's 73rd Independence Day.

Raksha Bandan 10

Raksha Bandan


Raksha Bandan celebrations.

Kitchen Garden 11

Kitchen Garden


Following some much needed showers, the patch of kitchen garden was ready to be tilled. The 7th graders sprouted green

Scientific Enquiry - Stems 12

Scientific Enquiry – Stems


The budding scientists of 3rd grade wanted to check the veracity of the claim that stems transport transport water and nutrients from the root to other parts of the plant. They soaked the stems of white carnation flowers in solutions containing green, orange and red food dyes for a day.…Read More

Uzhavara Pani 13

Uzhavara Pani


One Sunday the 8th and 9th grade children descended at சங்கமேஸ்வரர் கோயில் in Bhavani, 60 km from Salem, joining many dedicated devotees for உழவாரப் பணி. Armed with 25 broomsticks, brushes, buckets, soap oil, tooth brushes, Nirma powder etc., they worked energetically like Shiva’s பூதகணங்கள் with the other volunteers from 9…Read More

Ordinal Numbers 14

Ordinal Numbers


First grade children enjoyed ordinal number activity by saying 1st, 2nd ..... and put the hula hoops around the colorful balloons in front of them.

Chencoptex 15



8th & 9th graders were taken to Chencoptex, the hand-loom weavers co-operative in Chennimalai to witness a fabric “art” which managed to thrive despite the efforts of one of the most evil modern empires, the British, to survive. Children were fascinated to see how linen like bedspread, towels, pillow covers…Read More

Yoga Day 16

Yoga Day


Children take a break away from computers and technology to tune the greatest machine they are blessed with – their bodies – on International Yoga Day…

CBSE Recognition 17

CBSE Recognition


Glad to announce that our school has got noc and recognition for CBSE after a prolonged effort!! At this juncture the school would like to reiterate its commitment to providing children meaningful, burden free learning that is without peer, harnessing technology

UKG Ladder Reading 18

UKG Ladder Reading


U.K.G. children are being tested for expected levels of reading proficiency in Level 3 of the Ladder Reading program and awarded Milestone Certificates. Ladder Reading is Vidhya Peetham's three year reading program

Leaf Art 19

Leaf Art


Art out of dry leaves...

Hygiene Activists 20

Hygiene Activists


Instilling the importance of keeping the environment clean in young minds.

Let's Brush 21

Let’s Brush


Kindergarten kids learn the right way to brush!

Alphabet Hunt 22

Alphabet Hunt


An alphabet identification and phonic sound activity

Nature Walk 23

Nature Walk


Splashing in a stream and watching exotic birds

Babies' Day Out 24

Babies’ Day Out


LKG kids at the Reliance Mall identifying colours of different objects, looking for shapes in things and doing a dozen other things!

Shape Hoppers 25

Shape Hoppers


Shape hopping rabbits are fond of circles, squares, stars etc!

Step into Reading 26

Step into Reading


Budding readers step gingerly into the world of words...

Number Trail 27

Number Trail


An extension of the Mathemagic program in which the LKG kids identify numbers in a random order.