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Aritharam – Creativity Kindled

Using mirrors and the make-up kit they had brought along, the 1st graders moulded themselves into characters they liked. Almost everything, from makeovers to donning costumes, was done by the children independently.

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Lip Smacking Raw Food

To wean kids away from the junk they eat, healthy raw food was prepared deliciously. The ingredients – soaked peanuts, bananas, apples & honey. Children peeled the bananas, skinned the apples, cut the both up using child safe scissors, prepared the stew in a mixie, added dollops of honey and consumed the yummy mix happily!

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Hiranya Vatham

Vidhya Peetham Annual Day Hiranya Vatham 01Vidhya Peetham Annual Day Hiranya Vatham 02Vidhya...

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