“My father had told me not to buy anything…but their lifestyle affected me a lot…I bought a few things in spite of my father’s instructions not to”.

– A 9th grader

Chencoptex 1

Handloom Heritage

8th & 9th graders were taken to Chencoptex, the hand-loom weavers co-operative in Chennimalai to witness a fabric “art” which managed to thrive despite the efforts of one of the most evil modern empires, the British, to survive. Children were fascinated to see how linen like bedspread, towels, pillow covers were being woven, excited to try working on the looms, empathized with the workers when they realized that it was physically taxing and moved when they listened to stories about their meager livelihood. Earlier, they visited the Chennimalai Murugan temple that is at least 700 years old and sought the blessings of the reigning deity. The day was a mix of starker side of reality, elevating divinity and good fun with friends. All the photos here were snapped by the children.

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