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Navarathri 2019

Toddlers to teenagers gave their all for Navrathri celebration, with emotions ranging from rapturous involvement to total abandon when they swayed and danced in front of the Divine Mother whose presence though imperceptible was palpable! Children, as has been the tradition over the years, were involved in assisting their teachers in Golu arrangement as well as choreographing dances on their own, donning different avatars at different times, just as the Devi they were celebrating.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi was yet another occasion that was marked by vivid colours, gaiety and fervour. The festival provided one more platform for children to sing, dance, play instrumental music, tell stories and celebrate the god who is perhaps closest to a child’s heart while standing for the most profound of universal truths.

13. Ten Weeks Into L.K.G.

Important tips on counting and a quick look at a couple of new online e-sheets

5. PB01 Reading L1 & L2

Insights into Level 1 & 2 reading of each picture bank

Investigating Transpiration

3rd graders learnt about transpiration and did an activity to find out more…

Living & Non-Living Things

4th graders classified things into living and non-living and subsequently…

Simba The Lion King

This Saviskara Saturday was for paying obeisance to the king of the jungle on the silver screen.

Wealth Out Of Waste

Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy during the activity, “Best Out of Waste”.

Checking out oil pollution

2nd grade children learnt about how oil spills pollute and affect the life of birds and animals as a part of their science lesson Living Things in their Environment. To relate to

Shape Finders of LKG

L.K.G. children learning about shapes. A colourful ambiance adds pep to an all time favorite activity for kindergarten children.