Crocodiles Gobble Up Big Numbers

The tricky bigger number sign concept is taught by having crocodiles gobbling up bigger numbers!

Shopping Spree

During their shopping jaunt, children identified the prices of things by reading the tags, checked the weight of stuff and did a little shopping of their own!

Addition Pond

Fishing for fishing after mastering additon

The Clock Makers of Vidhya Peetham

Having learnt to tell time as a part of their math lesson, children embark on making their own clocks!

Ordinal Numbers

Kids have a great time learning ordinal numbers! Who said math cannot be fun!!

Nature Trek

Children went trekking in a farm, splashed around in water, played traditional games and had unmitigated fun!

Dexterous Fingers

Concentration personified, as children made toys and other stuff from sponge, play dough, chart paper etc

Number Parade

UKG kids, at the beginning of the year, brushing up the numbers they had learnt in LKG and honing their counting skills…

Aritharam – Creativity Kindled

Using mirrors and the make-up kit they had brought along, the 1st graders moulded themselves into characters they liked. Almost everything, from makeovers to donning costumes, was done by the children independently.

Lip Smacking Raw Food

To wean kids away from the junk they eat, healthy raw food was prepared deliciously. The ingredients – soaked peanuts, bananas, apples & honey. Children peeled the bananas, skinned the apples, cut the both up using child safe scissors, prepared the stew in a mixie, added dollops of honey and consumed the yummy mix happily!