Grammar E-sheet

Throughout 1st grade children do two grammar e-sheets like this daily, as classwork and homework. Quite often the same sentences repeat encouraging children to memorize grammar! At Vidhya Peetham all the sentences in these sheets are unique. Unless 1st graders possess excellent reading and reasoning skills they will be unable to attempt these sheets.

Welcome to your 1

1. Click the proper nouns.

Dilip rowed the boat in the river.
Prabha puts the net in the lake.
Vimala and Mala worked as maids in the school.
Hema got the prize for singing.
2. Identify the tense and choose the verb.

Yesterday my pet _____ its tail when it saw me. 
Two days ago a cop _____ my car.
Last Sunday I _____ in the sea.
Raja _____ the lid of the flask.
3. Click the common nouns.

Prema is washing her face.

Raj takes the toys out from the box.
A crow is sitting on the wall.
Ram likes to eat chips.
4. Choose the appropriate pronoun.

Meena and Navin are going to Mumbai. _____ are in the bus stop.
Maya buys few sweets. _____ gives them to her chums.
A cat is in the hall. _____ is sleeping under the table.
Guru goes to Mettur Dam. _____ wants to play in the water.
6. Click the verb.

Ravi hunts the deer with a gun.
Govind cleans the floor.
Ganesh eats lots of ice-cream.
Kumar fights with Rajesh.
7. Alphabetization - type the words in alphabetical order.

peep, boss, wood, root -
wool, cart, mole, time -
task, dent, room, fist -
rest, bent, wait, lift -
8. Write the past tense of these verbs.

dig -
fall -
throw -
steal -
5. Choose the appropriate auxiliary verb with singular or plural noun.

a. Priya (is, are) crossing the road...... (continues in next question)
.....She is having two (bag, bags).
b. Arjun (is, are) having a paint box.....
.....He has two (chart, charts) in his hand.
c. Many schools (is, are) playing a football match.....
.....They have formed eight (team, teams).
d. Balu (is, are) having fruits.....
.....He keeps four (apple, apples) in a bowl.....
..... and grapes in a (plate, plates).