CBSE School in Salem

Vidhya Peetham i-School

A haven that offers meaningful, burden-free education moored in concept learning, emotional intelligence with a plethora of curricular & co-curricular activities, preparing children for higher education and life.

About the school

Vidhya Peetham is one of the best CBSE schools in Salem, Tamil Nadu. It is located in Mannarpalayam, a serene, picturesque place, just 8 km away from the New Bus Stand, and is a home away from home for the 400 children studying there. The school’s kindergarten campus is in the heart of the town, at 2nd agraharam. Vidhya Peetham,  started in 1996, has concocted potent techniques like hybrid phonics, ladder reading, mathemagix etc, rolled out a massive e-learning program that deploys thousands of online e-sheets, e-books, e-lessons and almost paradoxically has been rooted in cultural orthodoxy that belie its technical and pedagogical prowess.
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Concept Learning

Children learn math, grammar, science etc by understanding the underlying concept. This helps them learn more with less effort. Rote learning is confined to few areas like multiplication tables, spelling etc

Multi-sensorial E-learning

Children do classwork and homework online from grade 1 to 8. In kindergarten only homework is posted online. The integrated, customized, e-learning program boasts of over 18,000 e-sheets, many embellished with colourful pictures, audio and video. E-learning is an important tool in our quest to be the best CBSE school in Salem.

Intellectual Infrastructure

Though this CBSE school has a verdant 4 acre campus, spacious, ventilated classrooms, two lavish computer labs, a posh science lab and swanky toilets, it does not harp about its physical infrastructure. Because, all the steel and concrete in the world, will not make a kid smart. The school’s pride is in its intellectual infrastructure like Ladder Reading, Mathemagix etc., which kindle children’s intelligence.

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Signature Teaching Techniques


Perhaps the easiest spelling program in the world, it helps children from LKG onward spell effortlessly. By the time kids finish kindergarten they can spell 350 words. From grade 2 onward, children spell challenging multi-syllable words using this technique.

Ladder Reading

This 4 year program, comprising of 10 levels, starts in LKG and finishes in grade 2. Each higher level has been calibrated to be more challenging than the previous one. By the time the program culminates, grade 2 children will be adept at reading newspapers and quite often even grade 10 books.

Monster Reader

A challenging reading-cum-comprehension program with a heady concoction of direct and twisted questions, in open test format. This program takes off where Ladder Reading stops and commences from grade 1.
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Zinglish is English with a zing. Its components are reading comprehension, jiffy comprehension and multimedia comprehension. It imparts English fluency even to children whose parents don’t speak the language.

Tradition & Technology

Children possess technology prowess (they use computers from when they are 31/2 years old) and are also entrenched in tradition. Even the attire (those expecting ties & belts will be sorely disappointed) and greeting (Namaskaram) are traditional!

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Indian Cultural Ethos

Children learn Sanskrit shlokas, Thevaram, Bhagavad Gita etc from kindergarten. A typical Vidhya Peetham child has technology at the finger tips, English on the lips and Indian cultural ethos in the heart.

Web Workshops

Invaluable Resource For Parents

Web Workshops like these are conducted on the school's website for parents of all grades to keep them in the loop about the school's teaching techniques and academic expectations. Advantages of these Web Workshops include the convenience of attending them from the comfort of parents' homes, ability to watch them at anytime and being in a vernacular language they ensure that no one is precluded.

Preview of Web Workshops

A Web Workshop that gives useful tips to make the transition from Pre.K.G. to L.K.G. smooth

Key tips on counting in L.K.G. and the importance of a few online e-sheets are shared in this Web Workshop

Pitfalls to be avoided in a U.K.G. spelling series are discussed in this Web Workshop

This Web Workshop for parents gives insight about how the easing a kid's passage in U.K.G. 

Importance of practising blends & digraphs are emphasised in this Web Workshop for U.K.G.

The first two stages of Ladder Reading for U.K.G., done through worksheets and online e-sheets, are explained in this Web Workshop

The Architects

Of The School

Vidhya Peetham is micro-managed by Dr. R.B. Srinivasan, an education enthusiast with a penchant for innovation and a dentist by qualification with stillborn degrees in industrial engineering and environmental science. Mrs. Uma Srinivasan is a psychologist, special educator and counsellor. Driven by a passion to make this one of the best CBSE schools in Salem the couple is involved in all aspects of the school starting from recruitment and training of teachers, designing the pedagogy and learning tools, conducting Web Workshops for parents, interacting with children and molding them.



Shivarathri Celebrations

Shivarathri at Salem Adi Yogi rath had graced the school prior to Shivaratri. Children, in colorful, traditional attire, offered fruits, dedicated dances and their pranams to an intangible yet profound and solemn presence. Vidhya Peetham iSchool 2020 Adi Yogi at Salem...

Navarathri 2019

Toddlers to teenagers gave their all for Navrathri celebration, with emotions ranging from rapturous involvement to total abandon when they swayed and danced in front of the Divine Mother whose presence though imperceptible was palpable! Children, as has been the tradition over the years, were involved in assisting their teachers in Golu arrangement as well as choreographing dances on their own, donning different avatars at different times, just as the Devi they were celebrating.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi was yet another occasion that was marked by vivid colours, gaiety and fervour. The festival provided one more platform for children to sing, dance, play instrumental music, tell stories and celebrate the god who is perhaps closest to a child’s heart while standing for the most profound of universal truths.

Investigating Transpiration

3rd graders learnt about transpiration and did an activity to find out more…

Living & Non-Living Things

4th graders classified things into living and non-living and subsequently…

Simba The Lion King

This Saviskara Saturday was for paying obeisance to the king of the jungle on the silver screen.

Wealth Out Of Waste

Little hands and imaginative minds came together in a creative burst of energy during the activity, “Best Out of Waste”.

Checking out oil pollution

2nd grade children learnt about how oil spills pollute and affect the life of birds and animals as a part of their science lesson Living Things in their Environment. To relate to

Shape Finders of LKG

L.K.G. children learning about shapes. A colourful ambiance adds pep to an all time favorite activity for kindergarten children.

Karate Champions

2nd State level inter school Karate Championship 2019. Our children, from grade 2 to 4 and grade 5 to 7 took part and won over all championship.