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Vidhya Peetham, a CBSE School is in Salem, Tamil Nadu. It is located in Mannarpalayam, a serene, picturesque place, just 8 km away from the New Bus Stand, is a home away from home for the 400 children studying there. The school’s kindergarten campus is in the heart of the town, at 2nd agraharam. Vidhya Peetham,  started in 1996, has concocted potent techniques like hybrid phonics, ladder reading, mathemagix etc, rolled out a massive e-learning program that deploys thousands of online e-sheets, e-books, e-lessons and almost paradoxically has been rooted in cultural orthodoxy that belie its technical and pedagogical prowess.

Features Unique to Vidhya Peetham

Concept Learning

Children learn math, grammar, science etc by understanding the underlying concept. This helps them learn more with less effort. Rote learning is confined to few areas like multiplication tables, spelling etc

Multi-sensorial E-Learning

Children do classwork and homework online from grade 1 to 8. In kindergarten only homework is posted online. The integrated, customized, e-learning program boasts of over 18,000 e-sheets, many embellished with colourful pictures, audio and video and helps children navigate the CBSE school curriculum with ease.

Intellectual Infrastructure

Though the school has a verdant 4 acre campus, spacious, ventilated classrooms, two lavish computer labs, a posh science lab and swanky toilets, it does not harp about its physical infrastructure. Because, all the steel and concrete in the world, will not make a kid smart. The school’s pride is in its intellectual infrastructure like Ladder Reading, Mathemagix etc., which kindle children’s intelligence.

Hybrid Phonics

Perhaps the easiest spelling program in the world, it helps children from LKG onwards spell effortlessly. By the time kids finish kindergarten they can spell 350 words. From grade 2 onwards, children spell challenging multi-syllable words using this technique.

Ladder Reading

This 4 year program, comprising of 10 levels, starts in LKG and finishes in grade 2. Each higher level has been calibrated to be more challenging than the previous one. By the time the program culminates, grade 2 children will be adept at reading newspapers and quite often even grade 10 books.

Monster Reader Program

A challenging reading-cum-comprehension program with a heady concoction of direct and twisted questions, in open test format. Starts from Grade 1.


Zinglish is English with a zing. Its components are reading comprehension, jiffy comprehension and multimedia comprehension. It imparts English fluency even to children whose parents don’t speak the language.

Signature Teaching Designs

Teaching programs unique to the school like Hybrid Phonics for spelling, Ladder Reading, Grammar Slammer, ‘Zing’lish, Mathemagix etc enable children to learn more with less effort.

Burden-free & Tuition-free

Thanks to concept learning & e-learning, children learn a huge amount of skills with deceptive ease. Tuition is not required for two reasons, one because it is superfluous and also because most tuition teachers are ill-equipped to handle the school’s challenging curriculum.


Yoga is taught to children from grade 4. Daily children do yoga for thirty minutes at school, as a part of the curriculum.

Technology & Tradition

Children possess technology prowess (they use computers from when they are 31/2 years old) and are also entrenched in tradition. Even the attire (those expecting ties & belts will be sorely disappointed) and greeting (Namaskaram) are traditional!

Indian Cultural Ethos

Children learn Sanskrit shlokas, Thevaram, Bhagavad Gita etc from kindergarten. A typical Vidhya Peetham child has technology at the finger tips, English on the lips and Indian cultural ethos in the heart.


Crocodiles Gobble Up Big Numbers

The tricky bigger number sign concept is taught by having crocodiles gobbling up bigger numbers!

Shopping Spree

During their shopping jaunt, children identified the prices of things by reading the tags, checked the weight of stuff and did a little shopping of their own!

Addition Pond

Fishing for fishing after mastering additon

The Clock Makers of Vidhya Peetham

Having learnt to tell time as a part of their math lesson, children embark on making their own clocks!

Ordinal Numbers

Kids have a great time learning ordinal numbers! Who said math cannot be fun!!

Nature Trek

Children went trekking in a farm, splashed around in water, played traditional games and had unmitigated fun!

Dexterous Fingers

Concentration personified, as children made toys and other stuff from sponge, play dough, chart paper etc

Number Parade

UKG kids, at the beginning of the year, brushing up the numbers they had learnt in LKG and honing their counting skills…

Aritharam – Creativity Kindled

Using mirrors and the make-up kit they had brought along, the 1st graders moulded themselves into characters they liked. Almost everything, from makeovers to donning costumes, was done by the children independently.

Lip Smacking Raw Food

To wean kids away from the junk they eat, healthy raw food was prepared deliciously. The ingredients – soaked peanuts, bananas, apples & honey. Children peeled the bananas, skinned the apples, cut the both up using child safe scissors, prepared the stew in a mixie, added dollops of honey and consumed the yummy mix happily!

The Magic of Seeds and Plants

Children prepare the soil, sow the seeds and witness the magic of new life – plants – sprouting out.

Measuring Different Types of Stuff

Children measure the volume of milk, liquids mixed with food colours and the many objects in their immediate environment

Cleaning and Keeping Safe

1st graders pull up their socks, roll up their sleeves and valiantly gear up to clean their classroom

Ordinal Numbers

Children have lots of fun practising ordinal numbers through games

Kite Day

1st graders make their kite in the classroom and attempt to make them fly.

Science Housing and Clothing

Children recreate hot, cold, rainy & snowy environments with the appropriate clothing for these…

Yearning for Krishna

Gopikas pining for Krishna

Shake-a-Leg UKG

UKG kids rock to an all time favorite….Eena Meena Dekka

PreKG Unplugged

PreKG kids owned the stage, dancing with casual abandon…


Invoking the blessings of gods of all things at the commencement of the evening’s programs.

Joie de Vivre

LKG kids exhorting that “aanandam” is the purpose of life…

Music to the Ears

Children cooing in sync to the music emanating from instruments

Saluting the Devi

Saluting the Devi to invoke her blessings…

Folk Song Vandiyele Nellu Varum

Kindergarten kids are the “folks” in this folk dance.

Vocal Music

Children can opt to learn Carnatic music from grade 1

Leaf Art

Art out of dry leaves…

Hygiene Activists

Instilling the importance of keeping the environment clean in young minds.

Let’s Brush

Kindergarten kids learn the right way to brush!

Alphabet Hunt

An alphabet identification and phonic sound activity

Nature Walk

Splashing in a stream and watching exotic birds

Babies’ Day Out

LKG kids at the Reliance Mall identifying colours of different objects, looking for shapes in things and doing a dozen other things!

Shape Hoppers

Shape hopping rabbits are fond of circles, squares, stars etc!

Step into Reading

Budding readers step gingerly into the world of words…

Number Trail

An extension of the Mathemagic program in which the LKG kids identify numbers in a random order.

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