Vidhya Peetham CBSE school

Vidhya Peetham, a CBSE School is in Salem, Tamil Nadu. It is located in Mannarpalayam, a serene, picturesque place, just 8 km away from the New Bus Stand, is a home away from home for the 400 children studying there. The school’s kindergarten campus is in the heart of the town, at 2nd agraharam.
Vidhya Peetham,  started in 1996, has concocted potent techniques like hybrid phonics, ladder reading, mathemagix etc, rolled out a massive e-learning program that deploys thousands of online e-sheets, e-books, e-lessons and almost paradoxically has been rooted in cultural orthodoxy that belie its technical and pedagogical prowess.

Features Unique to Vidhya Peetham

Ingredients of our Successful Recipe

1. Involvement

Being passionately involved in all aspects of education since the school’s inception nearly two decades ago.

2. Innovation

Replacing the disparaging pedagogical techniques inherited from McCaulay’s times with fresh designs.

3. Technology

Using the omnipresence of the internet to harness our teaching techniques to technology like e-learning.

4. Tradition

Imparting emotional intelligence to children by creating an atmosphere that is steeped in tradition.

5. Quest

A quest to make things better, that will keep the soul restive, till all the pieces are in place.


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